EAT – A great lobster roll


This is one great lobster roll!  Ever since I shared a lunch of a lobster roll with my grandmother in Boston, which was her last, I’ve always been on the search for a really good one.  Up until now, the rolls at various San Fran Bay Area restaurants have let me down.  Then Anchor & Hope’s roll ended the search.  Maybe because it’s on a top loaded brioche bun.  Maybe because the dressing is really light.  Nah, it’s because the chunks of lobster just shine through.  It’s so good, and so filling, I really didn’t need the Old Bay seasoned potato chips, or the coleslaw (although I recommend dipping some of the brioche roll into the slaw dressing…I’m just saying).  Yeah it’s 24 bucks, but I promise you won’t go away disappointed or hungry.  Pair with any number of crisp whites on the wine list, including an Albarino Grenache Blanc blend.

shrimp sandwich

The other sandwich we tried was the Vietnamese shrimp fritter on a roll.  A&H just added it to their menu and it is a worth addition.

The restaurant space is really cool, and old auto mechanics garage.  Part of the fun is finding the place, down the alley on Minna St.



  1. The Vietnamese Shrimp battered sandwich was a treat for my tastebuds. Restaurants that serve sweet butter in mini-crocks just my vote. Anchor and Hope did that and more. Glad you found it!

  2. Kelsey Lane Reply

    Any good lobster rolls down our way? I’ve tried the one on Santana Row. (What do you think of that one?) Any others?

    • The best I’ve found so far is at Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay. Comes with a great view too! I will have to try the roll at Yankee Pier to compare.

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