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Dress to the Vines is Back!

For the second year, Jessup Cellars in Napa Valley is bringing style to Wine Country.  That’s right, the fabulous event, Dress to the Vines, is back!  And I’ll be joining in once again, pairing the wonderful wines from Jessup Cellars with artisan perfumer Sarah Horowitz Parfums amazing fragrances.  This is an olfactory experience you don’t want to miss. “Our belief is that the Napa Valley has more than just influenced the culinary landscape of America, it’s also setting trends for style and fashion from coast-to-coast,” says Joel Quigley of Jessup Cellars.  “This is what we’re celebrating!”   Yountville, in the heart of Napa Valley and home to Jessup is fashion central for three days and nights June 26th to June 28th. On June 26 the Dress to the Vines weekend kicks-off poolside at the Bardessono Hotel & Spa with the hotel’s Dive Bar Fashion Party2, from 6-8 pm.  This is where…

DVF: The Iconic Wrap Dress at 40

My first encounter with Diane von Furstenberg was in 1977, through her first book, Diane von Furstenberg’s Book of Beauty. I read that book at least 50 times. It was my style bible. I was just beginning my love affair with fashion, and thought Diane’s wrap dress was the most amazing piece of clothing ever, even if I didn’t even own one at the time. I was in awe of this young, hip princess and her glamorous life. What was so revolutionary about the wrap dress? The style flattered just about anyone, no matter their dress size or height. The silk jersey never wrinkled, making it the perfect dress to wear to work and out to dinner. The wrap dress traveled well, was easy to care for and relatively affordable (around $75 in 1970s pricing). It made women feel special and sexy. Diane’s motto “Feel like a woman, wear a…

Dress to the Vines!

It’s a weekend of wine country fashion! Join me at Jessup Cellars in the heart of Napa Valley for Dress to the Vines, a four-day celebration of fashion, wine and perfume. I’ll be doing perfume pairings with Jessup wines and Sonoma Scent Studio fragrances. We’ll dish on the latest wine country style and talk about how Napa Valley influences fashion with industry insiders, magazine editors and stylists. If you are a wine fashionista like me, you won’t want to miss this ground-breaking event that puts style on par with wine, food and art in wine country. On Thursday night, August 15, I’ll be part of a panel talking all things fashion and wine country. To kick off the event, I’m pairing three Jessup Cellars wines with perfumes from wine country based Sonoma Scent Studio that will highlight different aromatic notes in the wines. While wine and perfume together are usually…

Tell Derek Lam which dress you want him to make

Derek Lam is showing us the future of fashion. But it’s not on the runway, it’s on your computer screen. This rising star designer is teaming up with eBay on an exclusive collection that you get to vote on.

This is the future of fashion, crowd-sourced design. It’s a virtual relationship between designer and customer. By voting for your favorite dresses, Lam gets instant feedback on what designs are working and which ones aren’t. He’ll only produce the dresses that get the most votes.

SHOP – Tim Gunn calls it like he sees it

Who doesn’t love Tim Gunn?  At the end of last week’s Project Runway, he rocked our world by putting Gretchen in her place (finally!) and admonished her team, Luxe, for letting her run all over them.  Wow.  I had to rewind my DVR over and over to watch.  It was a rare insight into what he’s seeing behind the scenes.  Bravo Tim! Then he kicks it up a notch in his new book, Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work. Tim dishes on his observations in the fashion world, and has the nerve to call out Vogue’s Anna Wintour on her diva-like behavior.  Oh no, Tim may be banished to fashion wilderness! Tim, we’ll follow you anywhere. I can’t wait to see Project Runway tonight, to see what the fallout of his scolding Team Luxe will be.  At least he’s making PR interesting, something it certainly needed.…