Do you know any woman who has just 17 pairs of shoes?

A poll about women and shoes is making its way around the internet. Conducted by ShopSmart (published by Consumer Reports), it finds that the average woman owns 17 pairs of shoes.  Just 17??  They didn’t talk to me or most of the women I know. The survey also goes on to say that on average women buy only three pairs of shoes a year and spend about $49 per pair.  Guess they didn’t poll any Carrie Bradshaws.

I love shoes.  I don’t know many women who don’t.  I also love high heels (a three inch heel is no big deal).  But the poll finds only 8% wear heels more than 2 1/2 inches high.  Think I’ve got a few pairs around 4 -5 inches.  Yes, some women do have foot issues and they don’t wear heels.  I can’t help but wonder who these 1000 or so women are who answered the survey.  Even my mother had more than 17 pairs of shoes.

Nordstom’s shoe department is big and famous for a reason.  Just look at the popularity of an event called Wine, Women & Shoes.  The event, which raises money for charity, features a shoe fashion show and marketplace and winemakers pouring wine.  It has grown to 22 cities nationwide, with about 15,000 attendees, and has raised $5.5 million for various causes.  I’ve gone the past four years, planning to go again this May, and my group of friends attending keeps getting bigger.  Here’s a story I did about it that aired on In Wine Country.

Shoes are a great accessory.  You can keep them forever. They change an outfit and your mood.  As Paolo Nutini sings in his song New Shoes:

Hey I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right.

I said hey I put some new shoes on and everybody’s smiling it’s so inviting

That’s why I don’t believe that women buy only three pairs a year.  Obviously I don’t agree with the survey’s findings, but I’d like to know what you think?  And if you’ve got 17 pairs of shoes or less in your closet, tell me why.

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