SHOP – Test driving a new perfume

I am going to be a perfume tester.  No, not one of those annoying perfume spritzers spraying everyone who walks through the department store cosmetics counters (although the thought of that brings back memories of Obession).

Instead, I’m actually gonna take part in a Fragrance Advisory Board program where I’ll be sent an unmarked bottle of perfume.  I’ll fill out a survey about my impressions when I first try it on, and about my impressions after wearing it for a couple of weeks.  I hope I like it!!  I’ll blog about the process as I go.  Just be aware, I may come up to you and stick my wrist out and ask you what you think of the scent.

If you are a perfume fanatic (like me), check out the Fragrance Advisory Board’s website.  It’s free to become a member, and you get to take part in online surveys and contribute your voice to the world of perfume.

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