SHOP – Mystery perfume arrives

I just got a box with the fragrance that I’m going to be test driving for the Fragrance Advisory Board.  The letter enclosed with it instructs me not to open it yet!  First, I have to start the online survey.  My mystery perfume is labeled “346,” and it looks like it has a pale lilac color, but that means nothing.  Ok, here we go!

First, they want me to open the bottle and spray just ONCE on my wrist. Easy enough…can I sniff yet?? No, I have to click the “start exercise” button and wait 60 sec.  (Ok I cheated, the fragrance is kind of floral and fruity).

Time’s up.  Now I answer a series of questions.  Do I love it or hate it?  Like it so far…but not crazy about it  yet.  A little sweet to me, some rose, and a big fruity note. Cherry?

What is my initial response? 

“It’s a little sweet — getting some fruity notes, floral too.  Rose? Cherry?  Not offensive, but it does come on a little strong.”

What don’t I like?  “For me it’s too sweet.  Almost bubble gum sweet. ”  Also comes on a little too strong.

Fresh? How could anyone think this is fresh?  Certainly not old fashioned.  Wouldn’t exactly call it modern, but there are no other choices.

Frankly, it’s starting to give me a headache.  Oh boy, and I have to wear this all week?  I hope it gets better.  I’m starting to smell like cotton candy.

Just did the sniff test with my husband.  “It’s not anything special.  I don’t like it.”  I have to agree.

It’s sticky sweet, very strong.  I think it’s for a young girl.

If I have to wear this, when would I?  Never, actually, but that’s not a choice.  Ok, weekends.

For the next two weeks, I’m to wear the fragrance as often (or little) as I want, then there will be another survey.  To family and friends, apologies in advance if you don’t like this scent.  Either do I.  The sweetness is toning down some on the dry down. Wonder if this is one of those “celebrity” fragrances?  Can’t wait to find out.

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