SHOP – Lanvin Mania at H&M

This is going to be THE fashion event of the year.  At 8 am ET on Saturday, November 20, fast fashion retailer H&M opens the doors to hoards of fashionistas who will snap up every single piece of the Lanvin for H&M collection.  If you are lucky enough to live near one of H&M’s flagship stores (NYC, San Francisco) you can wait in line for your chance to grab no more than two of the same item.  I’m bummed that I will not have that chance, to buy a couple pieces of Lanvin for the masses.  I predict the stores will be cleaned out within hours.

OK I could drive up to SF early tomorrow morning and stake out a place in line.  But it’s cold, and it might rain, and I’d have to leave home about 5 or 6 am to get a good spot in line.  Even then it might be too late.  Oh, the unfairness of it.  Why can’t H&M bring Lanvin to every store? And, why can’t H&M have an online commerce site?

Both H&M and Lanvin have been building anticipation over the last several weeks.  First it was a rumor.  Then the rumor was confirmed.  Then little bits of video of the collection leaked out.  Finally, a full blown webisode featuring all the pieces.  Brilliant.

If you must have Lanvin NOW, you can start bidding on the half dozen or so Lanvin for H&M dresses already up on eBay.  Who are these people who have advance copies?  A few of the dresses that retail for $199 are being offered for $599.  We’ll keep an eye on the auction action.

H&M is no stranger to designer collections.  In the past few years, we’ve seen lines from Madonna, Matthew Williamson, to name a few.  But teaming up with uber designer Alber Elbaz of Lanvin takes this not just to the next level, but to the stratosphere.

Here’s the entire collection.

Let me know if you score any of the collection!

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