An Aromatic Afternoon in Carmel


I always love walking around downtown Carmel. It’s fun to go down the little alleyways off the main roads or pop into courtyards hidden from street view. That’s where you’ll find Ajne, an organic perfume apothecary that’s tucked into a peaceful courtyard with a gurgling fountain. This is a gem of a boutique, filled with natural scents and skincare, all beautifully displayed. I could spend hours in here, and I always discover something to add to my perfume collection.


Last time I was in Ajne, perfumer Jane Hendler had just released Big Sur, a warm, sultry scent with champaca, patchouli, rosewood, sandalwood and vanilla. It has become one of my all time favorite perfumes.

On this visit I was really liking Desir, one of Jane’s first fragrances. The notes are Moroccan jasmine, sandalwood, oud and cacao. Calypso was intriguing to me — it has frangipani, jasmine, cardamom and vanilla – but smelled like brown sugar on me. Not a bad thing, but I couldn’t smell the flowers.

So Jane told me she loves to blend Desir and Calypso, so that’s what we did. ┬áThe result? Now I can smell the frangipani, and the fragrance has become intoxicating. This is bound to become another go to scent.

What a great way to spend an afternoon in Carmel.


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