5 Gifts for Your Wine Loving Dad

Father’s Day is almost here.  If you’re like me you’ve procrastinated, mainly because Dads can be hard to buy for.  But if your father loves wine, here are five gift ideas he’s sure to enjoy.

Wine Aerator – Does Dad like red wine? There are many aerator devices on the market now.  They quickly get more air into the wine to help soften tannins or bring out more of the aromas and flavors.

The best I’ve found is the Soirée, which is a glass bulb that you fit on top of the wine bottle. It’s a one-handed operation and gives the wine a good little workout as it decants directly into your glass.


Checked baggage packers – Does Dad take trips to wine country?  You can find all sorts of wine bottle protectors to use when you travel and pack a bottle (or more) of wine in your checked luggage.  JetBag is a new product that not only protects the wine bottle, but in case of a break, the JetBag protects clothes from being drenched in wine.  Each bag is lined with  material used for baby diapers, and can absorb 750 ml of liquid.  Think of it as a wine diaper.  This video clip on JetBag’s website shows it in action.

If Dad likes to bring back more than one bottle, then perhaps The Wine Check is a more useful gift.  It’s a bright red padded case on wheelies, lined with a 12 bottle wine shipper that protects the wine bottles in the cargo hold.  Check it as you would a piece of luggage.

Wine books – Does Dad like to read?  Napa Valley:  The Land, The Wine, The People by wine country photographer Charles O’Rear is hot off the presses.  His stunning photos give an insiders view of Napa Valley.  Through his pictures, with text by Daphne Larkin, you’re introduced to the locals, the history and the seasons of America’s best known wine country.

If Dad is a wine wonk, he may enjoy Opus Vino. More than 4500 wineries around the world are profiled in this 800 page book, one of the most comprehensive wine volumes published.

If Dad likes good stories, wine importer Terry Theise’s book, Reading Between the Wines, is a good pick, especially if Dad is into Riesling and grower Champagnes.

Gift cards – Does Dad prefer to buy his own wine?  Head to Wine.com, a traditional wine retailer.  Bottlenotes not only offer wine for sale, but has user generated tasting notes to help guide a purchase.

For Dads with a Kindle, an Amazon.com gift card can help him purchase Secrets of the Sommeliers or Gary Vaynerchuck’s 101 Wines, among other wine titles.

Bike wine carrier.  Does Dad like to bike?  Here’s a nifty looking wine holder, from Oopsmark, that fits onto the bike frame and keeps the bottle of wine in place.  The leather carrier is handmade with brass hardware.

If nothing else, bring Dad a great bottle of wine from your home wine cellar (or closet) that you’ve been waiting to open on a special occasion.  Your Dad will agree that his day is one of those times.  Happy Father’s Day.



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