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I was on an Italian holiday, roaming the streets of Positano, when I happened across a storefront selling custom-made sandals. You could choose the color of the leather straps, the style — such as thongs, or toe rings, and the sole, whether it’s flat, a wedge or a heel.

Several hundred feet later, there’s another custom sandal shop, with more brightly colored leather straps, and lots and lots of crystals adorning the sandals. My friend and I were trying on sandals to see what looked best on our feet, and got yelled at by the wpid-download7-2010-06-30-20-45.jpeg

cobbler – he was impatient and wanted us to make a quick decision. We left in a huff, vowing never to buy from him.

We searched Positano and Capri for other sandals, but his were the best. I went back the next day, swallowed my pride, and bought a gorgeous pair of pink sandals, with major bling.

Ever since, I’ve dreamed of opening my own custom sandal business. But in the meantime, I made a discovery that lets me fulfill my sandal cravings. I was in New York City a few weeks ago, walking along 5th Avenue, and something in the front window of Henri Bendel stopped me in my tracks. There was a live cobbler making custom sandals! wpid-IMG_9536-2010-06-30-20-451.jpgwpid-IMG_9546-2010-06-30-20-451.jpgwpid-IMG_9540-2010-06-30-20-451.jpgwpid-IMG_9542-2010-06-30-20-45.jpg

Turns out Bendel partnered up with Tuccia Di Capri to offer customized sandals.

If you can’t get to the NYC Bendels, you can order your sandals online. Tuccia di Capri gives you instructions on how to measure your feet. This is now my second pair of custom sandals, and I have to tell you, there’s nothing better than the fit of a shoe made for your feet. They are so comfortable, and they don’t rub at all.


If you know of any other custom sandal makers, please do share!


  1. Rebecca Hecht Reply

    There is a great place in Asheville, Nc called Paul Taylor custom sandals and belts. The sandals are made to fit your feet and arch. They are the best sandals in my closet, he may not make them in pink but the fit and quality are top notch. He also has a great variety of vintage belt buckles and custom belts.

  2. Kimberly O. Reply

    Hi there. I too make custom Italian sandals. Check me out on instagram at Kimberlyosandals. Would love to know what you think!

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