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SHOP – From Capri, custom-made sandals

I was on an Italian holiday, roaming the streets of Positano, when I happened across a storefront selling custom-made sandals. You could choose the color of the leather straps, the style — such as thongs, or toe rings, and the sole, whether it’s flat, a wedge or a heel. Several hundred feet later, there’s another custom sandal shop, with more brightly colored leather straps, and lots and lots of crystals adorning the sandals. My friend and I were trying on sandals to see what looked best on our feet, and got yelled at by the cobbler – he was impatient and wanted us to make a quick decision. We left in a huff, vowing never to buy from him. We searched Positano and Capri for other sandals, but his were the best. I went back the next day, swallowed my pride, and bought a gorgeous pair of pink sandals, with…