SHOP – Ricky Wilson and Dior cosmetics

IMG_8588-smallWho doesn’t love learning the latest makeup tricks and backstage secrets?  That’s what Ricky Wilson, makeup artist extrordinaire, was dishing out at his master class for Dior at the Valley Fair Nordstrom.   Ricky has worked on everyone from Beyonce to Sharon Stone.  Top model Jessica Stam is one of his regulars.


Having a front row seat was great.  He showed us step by step his techniques.  One of the best trick – using a highlighter under the eyes and above the eyebrows.  Really gives a lift and brightens your face.


I’m already a Dior fan — the DiorShow Iconic mascara changed my life.  Before, I always used Maybelline’s iconic Great Lash, you know the one with the green top and pink tube.  I didn’t think it was worth it to spend more than a few bucks on mascara.  But once I tried DiorShow there was no going back.  Lashes appeared out of no where.

Then it was hands-on time, replicating the techiques on our own, with supervision from Ricky and his team of makeup artists.   What I learned:  1. Foundation doesn’t have to go all over your face .  2. Let first coat of mascara dry before applying second coat.  This help avoid clumping.  3. You can do a smokey eye in any color.


Of course all of this is done in the name of ringing up purchases at the register.  My new can’t live without product…the brow styler, a foolproof pencil and brush.

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