Viña Aquitania

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What You Need to Know About Chilean Wines

The view at Viña Ventisquero Before I went on a recent wine trip to Chile, I had certain assumptions about both the country and its wines, things like all the wines are cheap (I mean good values) and it was more important whether or not wineries were in the northern or southern part of this long skinny country.  Not only am I wrong, but I learned many fascinating things to share with you.  Chile tends to get pigeonholed into the “inexpensive” wine category but that’s not a true reflection of what’s happening in wine there now. Carmenere may be the national grape of Chile, but Cabernet Sauvignon is king Don’t get me wrong, we had some beautiful fruity, spicy and earthy Carmenere (reference wines:  Root: 1 Carmenere $12, TerraNoble Gran Reserva Carmenere $18)  But there is more total vineyard acreage in the country planted to Cabernet, about 40% to…