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Creating The Scent of Chicago

What does Chicago smell like?  That’s the challenge that Tru Fragrance, a private label perfume company based in the Windy City set out for itself in 2011.  The team behind the label wanted to create something not done before in the fragrance world, specifically a “homegrown” scent, one planted, grown, gardened, harvested and bottled in one season, from a specific place, like Chicago. In 2012 there were about 1,100 new fragrances released in the US market.  Some have done very well, others were as fleeting as their scents.  But none of those perfumes have a concept like Tru Blooms Chicago, which is a fragrance truly made in Chicago.  Made in Chicago means planted, grown and harvested by Chicagoans.  It’s a community project, with many benefits beyond making a unique, beautiful scent. Why Chicago?  Simply for the reason that it is home to Tru Fragrance and seemed the most natural candidate…