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Wine Gets Naked With Randall Grahm

“I’m always interested in alternative ways of doing things,” says Randall Grahm, winemaker behind the often irreverent Bonny Doon Vineyard label, a fervent Rhone Ranger, and author of Been Doon So Long.  The latest alternative way of doing things for him is joining Naked Wines, a crowdfunded virtual winery. Randall started making wine for Naked when Naked launched in the US about 18 months ago.  Naked had already been up and running in England for five years.  Randall’s already got an established wine business and name, so what does he get out of going Naked?  “It’s an opportunity to play around a little bit, an opportunity to make some odd ball wines,” he says.  Wines like Mutiny on the Bonny Grenache Blanc and the (G)renache Spot, all under the Randall Grahm label, not the Bonny Doon label. The other thing he gets out of Naked, Randall says, is having a…