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Cakebread American Harvest Workshop Day 3

Morning Day 3 On our third day of the American Harvest Workshop at Cakebread Cellars we have a super early call time uggh — 6:30 am so we can go pick grapes.  Lucky for us they didn’t have us get up for a 2 am night harvest.  Breakfast waiting for us in the vineyard again, the sweetest strawberries and pastries from Bouchon Bakery, good fuel for the work ahead.  We’re picking in the Foster Road vineyard in Carneros, and these grapes go into the reserve Chardonnay.  Quite a big responsibility our crew has, we better not screw it up.  The most important thing is that we start and end with 10 fingers.  I’ve picked before, but it’s always fun to be in the vineyard, wrangling clusters from the vine, and tasting a few sweet grapes as you pick.  In no time at all we’ve filled two bins and send them…