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Rosé – The New “It” Wine

Move over Moscato.  You are so over.  Rosé is having its moment.  Everyone is writing about it, from Eric Asimov in the New York Times, Lettie Teague in the Wall Street Journal, Jon Bonné in the San Francisco Chronicle and countless wine bloggers. Everyone is drinking Rosé.  Sales are on a rising trajectory, and everyone it seems, is making a Rosé now. I remember a time, not too long ago, when we were writing articles called “Don’t be Afraid to Drink Pink,” or “Pink wine is for Real Men.”  Now Rosé is a serious contender all its own.  We don’t have to say Rosé is dry, not sweet and that it is not White Zinfandel.  We’ve all learned that good Rosé is dry, crisp, fruity and refreshing, but it still has a little structure which makes it great for pairing with all kinds of food.  Good Rosé is not sweet…

Detox Then Retox in Wine Country

Photo credit: Aubrie Pick The first time I heard of a winery offering a yoga class was in 2008, at Periscope Cellars in Emeryville, CA.  This was actually a yoga class where you sipped wine as you held various poses.  We shot a session for an episode of In Wine Country and I love the shot at the end of the woman holding the wine glass with her foot. Since then it seems that no matter where you are in American wine country you’re not far from a yoga class at a winery.  You can do your best downward dog at wineries in Temecula, CA, in the Lehigh Valley, PA wine country or along the Loudoun Wine Trail in Virginia.  The trend has also taken off in Canada, especially in the Niagara grape growing region where there’s a Yoga in the Vineyard Facebook page with 239 “likes.” In addition to yoga, you…