Bubbly season is here!

What I love most about the holidays is the ample opportunities for a festive toast. And there’s no better drink for that than Champagne and sparkling wine. Bubbles pair perfectly with just about any holiday food, from turkey and stuffing to roast ham, and of course oysters and lobster. 

Popping the cork always signals a celebration, whether it is over a holiday meal, an intimate gathering or after a long day of gift shopping.

Over at Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor, wine expert Dan Dawson has curated an amazing list of Champagne to drink now. I know what you are thinking, I don’t have the budget for a spendy bottle. Fear not, Dan’s list will surprise you. Most Champagnes hover around the $50 mark, with many priced below $50. None are more than $90. He’s got several of my favorite small producers on the list, including Gaston Chiquet, Vilmart and Pierre Gimmonet. 


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