What to drink this October: Wine Picks from #DDWA

As the season changes from late summer to early fall, my tastes in wine change too. Sure, I still want a crisp, cool white on those warm autumn days, but as the sun sets and a chill develops, I’m reaching for lighter, brighter reds too. You probably think that means Pinot Noir. Nope, I want something exciting and different. That’s why I turn to Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor to show me the way.

In his October 2018 list, Dan puts the spotlight on seven Napa Valley producers, some you may know, and others worth discovering. I’ve been a Neyers fan for a long time, especially of the Rhone varietals, but a $60 Napa Cab? Yes please!

The Wilson Foreigner wine labels are eye-catching. The stark black and white ink drawing of a miner panning for gold is punctuated by a flash of color pouring out of the pan – perhaps representing wine? They make Valdiguié a red grape from southern France’s  Languedoc-Rousillon region you might not know but need to. Call it the Pinot Noir alternative. Dan reviews the 2017 vintage, and I’ve reviewed the 2016 vintage here. 

I’m also excited to try Skyhook’s Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc and Cornerstone’s Cabernet Franc. Time to pop a cork and chill out.


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