What I’m Drinking: Martella Twisted Sister

You’ve got to love this wine’s name. No, it’s not made by sisters or anyone twisted. Michael Martella, Martella Wines founder and Thomas Fogarty winemaker emeritus, likes to have fun with his wine. For him, that means dreaming up inventive blends, such as this Twisted Sisters white.

A mashup of half aromatic Viognier, a quarter fruity Chardonnay and a quarter crisp Sauvignon Blanc, Martella’s racy wine is perfect for spring sipping, a beautiful spring bouquet of white flowers. You also smell and taste honey, citrus and apricot, and there’s a long juicy finish.

We’ll throw this wine back while lounging on a blanket on the grass in the park, warmed by the spring sun.

Details:  $32, @martellawines

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