Alara Cellars: Wine Meets Fashion

We pair wine with food, music and holidays, so why not fashion?

I was super excited when I first learned about this new fashionable wine project a couple years ago. Now, Alara Cellars has made its debut.

Janu Goelz in her Alara Cellars tasting room at Gilroy’s Stomping Ground.

Winemaker Janu Goelz loves wine, and she loves fashion just as much. For her, blending them is a natural. Goelz is co-owner and co-winemaker Jason-Stephens Winery with her husband Jason. Together, with Tim Slater of Sarah’s Vineyard, they created The Stomping Ground in Gilroy, home to about half a dozen local boutique wineries.

The craft winery venue was perfect launching pad for Goelz’s own label, Alara Cellars. Her eyecatching labels are original illustrations, the work of Vancouver-based fashion designer and illustrator Malene Grotrian

Goltz discovered Grotrian’s work online and approached her about collaborating on Alara’s labels. Each wine variety sports a different watercolor painting. Grotrian’s inspiration comes from the wine inside the bottle.

“Janu sends me details of the wines,” Grotrian explains, “and based on that I design the dress and the details. Each one has its own personality.”

Believe it or not, the two never met until after Grotiran had painted many labels.

You’ll find Alara Cellars tucked into a cozy tasting room space that was once home to kilns used to bake commercial ceramic tiles. Alara has several neighbors, including Jason-Stephens and newcomers J Winston Winery and Calerrain Wines. Look for live music on weekends, food trucks, and, something we love, the Kombi Co. “Essie” mobile floral pop up truck (@cakombico) with fresh cut flowers for sale.

We’re hoping to see a catwalk down the center of the Stomping Ground cellar, for a fashion show with those gorgeous designs IRL. 

Alara Cellars labels are on candles in recycled wine bottles.

The labels are not a gimmick — the wines behind those labels are fantastic too. Try the crisp Chardonnay, the luscious Grenache or the vivacious Tempranillo.

Details: Alara Cellars is at 6500 Brem Lane in Gilroy. @alaracellars

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