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5 Things I’ll Miss About GaryVee TV

Gary Vaynerchuk, the outspoken and sometimes outrageous media wine guru, is someone who is not easily overshadowed. But it happened last week. On Tuesday, August 23 Gary produced his last daily wine video on Daily Grape, episode #89.  How could he have known that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake would shake the east coast that same day, or that  Steve Jobs would announce his stepping down as CEO the next day (on August 24).  Gary tweeted “Wait…did my retirement just cause an Earthquake.”  Hmmm, along with Hurricane Irene, maybe the wine gods are trying to tell him something.

Being a wine TV and video producer myself, I know how much influence Gary has had on the wine video world – just look at all the copycat wine videos out there now.  Will someone step in and fill the void Gary leaves behind?  Those are big shoes to fill.  Here’s what I will miss the most. Read more