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Chateau Coutet’s Cameo on Downton Abbey

I’ve never paid much attention to the wine on the Crawley family’s dinner table on Downton Abbey.  All that changed Sunday night in episode two of the new season, when one of my favorite wines made a cameo appearance.  I said to my husband “Stop!  We have to go back and see that again.”  In a wonderful scene Lord Crawley goes over the wines to be poured with Carson for the evening’s dinner service.  There it was, in between the Cheval Blanc and Haut-Brion, a bottle of Chateau Coutet Sauternes, vintage 1919.  This happens 19 minutes into the program.  Yes, I took pictures of the TV screen. “What surprised me with Downton Abbey is how often Sauternes is served.”  That’s Aline Baly, co-owner of Chateau Coutet. “In almost every single episode where there’s a dinner scene there’s a Sauternes, which was referred to as pudding wine.” Sauternes is the sweet…