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5 Best Wine Diva Holiday Gifts

When thinking about what to get the wine lover in your life, while a special bottle of wine is nice, quite frankly it’s a cop out.  It doesn’t take a lot of thought or creativity.  Especially if your recipient is a wine diva.  She’ll appreciate your going the extra mile to find something that appeals to her love of sparkle, glamour and, of course, wine.  These five gifts are sure to bring holiday cheer to any wine diva. Big Girl Sippy Cups by Bling it On.  I can’t help but smile when I see these colorful and sparkly glammed up sippy cups, and that’s the reaction co-creators Terri Campa and Anna DePedrini are going for.  Besties since their sons were in school and baseball and soccer, they never set out to create what’s become all the buzz in their hometown of Manteca, CA and beyond. Anna DePedrini and Terri Campa…

10 Last Minute Holiday Wine Gifts

With about a week to go until Christmas Day, have you done all of your holiday gift shopping?  Have you even started?  If not, don’t despair.  To the rescue, a list of the 10 best wine gifts that you can snap up at the last minute — and it won’t look like you waited until the last minute. Check out these gift ideas that are more creative and thoughtful than a bottle of wine.

Courtesy Vine of the Wine
Courtesy Vine of the Wine

Bottlestoppers.  You see them everywhere, but these colorful stoppers, made by Vine of the Wine are truly unique.  They’re made by incorporating grapevines into the stoppers themselves.

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Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  Most of us will wait ’till the last minute.  Thought a few more wine gift ideas would be helpful. The hottest wine accessory, gadget…Vinturi.  It is a wine aerator that you use while pouring a glass of wine. That means it acts like a mini decanter –  it gets air into the wine and opens up bouquet and flavors. It is a two-handed operation. Uncork the wine, hold the Vinturi over the glass and pour. You’ll hear a sucking sound — that’s the wine being aerated. Best for red wines, but can be used for white wines too.  I’ve seen wineries use it in their tasting rooms so what you taste is the true wine.Comes with rubber stand and a travel pouch and retails for about $30.  You can usually find this at a wine shop, or you can order online. I did my…