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The Coolest Wine Gadget EVER

I have just seen the coolest thing in the wine world.  It’s a game changer.  I have to tell you I’ve seen the future of wine.  The Coravin “wine access” system is going to change how wine is served and consumed in restaurants, wine tasting rooms and at home. Wine’s biggest enemy is oxygen.  Once you open a bottle, air gets into the bottle and starts to oxidize it, no matter how much air you try to pump out or displace by squirting inert gas into the bottle then stoppering it.  After day two, most wines loose their freshness, and by day three or four forget it.  This is a major issue for restaurants and wine bars serving by the glass, and it impacts you, the wine drinker.  When was the bottle opened?  Hopefully within the past hour, not a day or two ago.  How long do most restaurants and…

SHOP – Holiday gift idea

What to get the wine lover in your life who has everything?  Here’s a gadget (we all know how wine geeks love their toys!)  Nuvo Vino is an infrared thermometer you use to check your wine’s serving temp.  Super easy to use, you push the top button down and the other end opens up to reveal the thermometer.  You don’t dunk this in the wine.  Instead the infrared collects the surface temp.   In my homegrown experiment, I had a white wine I wanted to open.  In the bottle the unchilled wine temp was 74 degrees Fareheght.  A little too warm to drink in my opinion. After chilling in ice for about 25 minutes, the wine poured into a glass was at 49.5  degrees.  That’s in the optimal range of serving temps for this wine, a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier.   After sitting in the glass for about…