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Tasting Wine With Tony Terlato

On a recent sunny Sunday, a small group of sommeliers gathered at the Andaz hotel in Napa Valley to take part in a wine tasting.  That’s not unusual; somms have tasting groups and often attend tastings to keep their palates up to date.  But this tasting was not organized by just anybody.  This invitation was to what he calls the Options tasting, led by Tony Terlato, chairman of Terlato Wines International.  The Terlato portfolio runs deep and large across the international wine world.  Terlato owns a number of wineries, and has partnerships with others to import wine to the American market. “I don’t like to talk too much because I’m sure all of you have listened to winemakers talk about the wind and the rain and the soil so you really don’t need to hear that from me,” is how Tony kicks off this tasting, a blind tasting of…