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SHOP – by Kilian Fragrances

  In San Francisco I had a few mintues before meeting a friend for drinks, so I popped into Saks Fifth Avenue.  The have a really small perfume counter, but they carry a well-edited selection.  Bond No. 9 is there, as well as Tom Ford’s line of exotic fragrances (I love his Velvet Gardenia and Black Violet scents). By Kilian is another line, and it is from Kilian Hennessy.  His name may be familiar should you be a Cognac drinker – yes it is that same Hennessy.  So it should be no surprise that this is a lux line.  The juice is $225 for a 50 ml bottle.  Why?  Just like wine, by Kilian says they source the highest quality ingredients, from flowers to spices.   While I’m not buying any time soon, I am intrigued by the scents.  The first thing you notice is all the bottles are black.  The second…