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DRINK – The price is right

I’m always asked what’s a good wine at a good price?  For me, good price is under $20 a bottle.  Under $10 is even better.  Somewhere in between is where Layer Cake falls.  This wine is made by Jason Woodbridge.  The crazy thing is he also makes Hundred Acre, an amazing Cab that sells for $300+  I’ve tried it and really liked it, almost enough to think about buying one bottle.  But Layer Cake fits my budget.  I bought a bottle of Shiraz at Trader Joe’s for $14.99.  It was a deep, rich and opulent wine, especially for this price point.  The Shiraz is grown and made in Australia, under Woodbridge’s supervision, and all the Layer Cake wines are made in a similar manner to Hundred Acre. Even the labels are top notch — great design, raised fonts. I have a bottle of Primitivo at home – also $14.99 at…