Plum Crazy Purple

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Livermore Stories: Cuda Ridge Wines

This is another installment of a series called “Livermore Stories,” which takes a look at the most exciting wineries in this wine growing region located east of San Francisco.  More than 50 wineries now call Livermore Valley home.  The wines have never been better, and the wineries have great stories to tell.  For Cuda Ridge Wines owner Larry Dino, the color “Plum Crazy Purple” has more than one meaning.  It’s the color of his restored 1970 Plymouth Barracuda muscle car that he saw one day on the side of the road, driving back to his home in Fremont, Calif, from looking for vineyard land in Sonoma (he eventually bought in Livermore Valley). “My wife said it looked like a bunch of garbage,” he says. Plum Crazy Purple is an original color for the Barracuda, and Larry spent three years refurbing the car, spending both lots of time and money on it. …