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SHOP DRINK – The tasting room comes to you

wine tasting kits The winery tasting room.  Let’s face it.  Often crowded, it’s not always the ideal spot to taste wine.  But if you want to try a range of said winery’s offerings, the tasting room has been the place to go. Until now. You can have the tasting room come to you. TastingRoom has created wine tasting kits with four or six little bottles, each holding 50 ml (that’s 1.7 oz). This is the size of most small perfume bottles, and I say that because these kits remind me of perfume samples. You can get fragrance samples sent to you, and can try and buy perfume without ever leaving home.  A terrific online fragrance store is Luckyscent. You can order a sample vial of any perfume on their website.  Once you get it and try it and like it, you can order a bottle.  If not, you’re out about…