Original Scent

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Original Scent Opening Draws Stars and Fragrance Fanatics

Blue and green glass bottles fill shelves against a stark white backdrop.  Mixologists hold bottle stoppers out for people seated at the bar to smell.  They wear white lab coats that say “Be Original Be Fabulous.”  They seem to be conspiring with the guest brewing a concoction.  Clear glass bottles are filled with amber colored liquids. You’d think that a special Cognac or Bourbon is being blended for a cocktail at a hipster bar. Instead, the people behind the bar are perfume gods and goddesses, waiting to help you find your own Original Scent. Then you notice Kelly Bensimon (Real Housewives of New York) sniffing and smelling at the bar.  She’s consulting with artisan perfumer Sarah Horowitz to create a custom blended perfume. There’s Jeff Goldblum trying out different scents. These sessions are taking place at Original Scent, a new upscale custom fragrance boutique in Pasadena, CA. Original Scent is…