Morlet Family Vineyards

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A Nose for Wine at Morlet Family Vineyards

“These are my diplomas from Galimard.”  Luc Morlet and his wife Jodie proudly hold up not one, but two certificates he earned at the Galimard Perfume Factory in Grasse, France in 2008.  “I liked it so much I went back a second time,” he says.  For two days this Napa Valley winemaker learned the art of perfumery and blending fragrances at Galimard’s Studio des Fragrances.  Aromatics, you see, are a driving force in Morlet’s winemaking at Morlet Family Vineyards.  It shows in a wine he calls La Proportion Dorée. “The Golden Ratio,” as this wine is named, “is the concept of three, a pyramid with the Semillion being the strong base, then Sauvignon Blanc in the heart and the point is Muscadelle,” Luc says.  By the time Luc went to Galimard he had already developed this blend, but the reason for it made sense after he learned about how perfume…