Mitch Katz

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Livermore Stories: Mitchell Katz Winery

Photo: from left to right , future father in law , John DeFrietas , Mitch Katz , assistant winemaker Zach Thomsen , tasting room mgr . Andrew Wigginton . Sorting grapes during harvest. Courtesy Mitchell Katz Winery
Sorting grapes during harvest.  L to R: John DeFrietas, Mitch Katz , assistant winemaker Zach Thomsen, tasting room mg . Andrew Wigginton.  Courtesy Mitchell Katz Winery

Mitchell Katz is a survivor.  He launched his eponymous winery in Livermore Valley in 1998 and four years later moved into the historic Ruby Hill tasting room, a massive yet beautiful old brick building that dates back to 1887.  In 2012 Mitch was basically forced to buy out his business partner in the winery, and left to find a new home for his winery and tasting room.  He had challenges securing building loans for his first chosen location, then met some community opposition opening his current location.