Indie Wineries

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Indie Wineries: Discovering Artisanal Wines Around the World

Some call them garagistes, boutique producers, even rebels bucking the system.  These are international winemakers crafting handmade wines on very small scale — sometimes just hundreds of cases, to just under 4500 cases, versus the millions of cases pumped out by the big industrial wineries of the world.  They’re producing beautiful, lovely, interesting bottles.  Most of these wines would never even make it out of the home country, let alone the local region.  They’re the wines you might discover on travels in Italy or France, wines the locals drink.  Otherwise, you’d never know they existed. Until now.  Indie Wineries is an up an coming wine importer, bringing unique, artisanal wines to the United States market.   You know how you go to a party or event and your wine loving friend pulls you aside and says, hey I’ve got this special bottle stashed away I want you to try? …