Geoff Kruth

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A Sommelier’s Secret Weapon

What does it take to pass what is perhaps the most daunting and difficult exam in the world?  Master Sommelier Geoff Kruth knows.  He sat for the Master Sommelier exam twice – as it is rare for anyone to pass on the first go round – and became a Master Sommelier in 2008.  Since then he’s been on a mission to aggregate all the information needed to prepare for the exam in one place. The Master Sommelier (MS) exam is so infamous that a documentary film was made about it called SOMM.  It is being given this weekend, May 18 -21, in Aspen, Colorado, the only time the test is being administered this year.  So if you don’t pass, you basically have to wait another year to try again.  No pressure for the exam candidates, right? There are 211 Master Sommeliers world wide.  The pass rate for the exam is…