Etat Libre d’Orange

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SHOP – More about the mystery perfume

I’ve had mystery perfume #346 for a few weeks now. I’m giving it a test run for the Fragrance Advisory Board. Haven’t worn it lately, although it is hard to compete with all the fragrances I have to choose from. I gave it a good go for one week.  It started growing on me, not seeming as sweet and fruity as it did from the first spray.  In fact, it reminds me of a perfume I have, called “Bendelirious” from Etat Libre D’Orange.   Bendelirious is a delicious blend of Champagne, cherry and grapefruit, followed by iris, violet, leather, musk and tonka bean. Perfume #346 has a few of these notes, especially the cherry accord.  But it has much more green to it, which I am not crazy about.  It also develops a somewhat powdery note Bendelious doesn’t have.  I even wore both fragrances at the same time, just to…