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Scent “Concert” Takes You On A Trip To Japan Via Your Nose

Perfume is an emotional thing.  One spritz and you’re transported back to childhood, a first love or a special place you’ve visited.  Scent is evocative and primal, with the power to revive a memory in an instant. Perfume is also an art form, created by olfactory artists who blend sophisticated compositions worthy of display in a museum or contemporary art gallery. Saskia Wilson-Brown understands all this.  She’s the founder of the Institute for Art and Olfaction (IAO), a Los Angeles-based non-profit devoted to providing accessible education on perfume in all its aspects. IAO’s mission is to create initiatives where artists and perfumers collaborate and even innovate projects where scent plays a major role. In January 2014 one of these collaborations debuts as a scent concert.  Yes, that’s right, a concert as in a performance.  How can scent make a concert?  After all, there’s no audio in a perfume bottle. A…