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Why Don’t You… 10 Non-Resolutions for Wine Drinkers

I love New Year’s – a good excuse to drink bubbly, but I hate the idea of making new year’s resolutions, don’t you? Instead I’m going to follow what fashion icon Diana Vreeland, the legendary Vogue editor-in-chief (pre-Anna Wintour) would say about fashion rules. Prior to her years at Vogue, Vreeland wrote a column for Harper’s Bazaar titled “Why Don’t You…” So with that inspiration, here are my top 10 suggestions (non-resolutions) for the year 2012 in wine.
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Memorial Day Weekend Wine – It’s in the Bag

Wine in a bag? Surely you’ve seen wine in a box. You probably equate that with plonk. But times are changing when it comes to wine in a bag, box or vessel other than glass. With Memorial Day weekend ushering in a season of outdoor BBQ and picnics, why not try one of these modern alternatives to the traditional glass wine bottle.

Recently, a package landed on my doorstep containing samples, two bags of wines. They look like the bags used for IV drips in the hospital. You know how people say, hook me up to an IV of wine? Read more