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DRINK – Bonny Doon ’85 Muscat Canelli

Last night I opened a bottle of Bonny Doon Vineyard 1985 Muscat Canelli (California).  Got this bottle from my friend Maurice.  He had a case of the wine stored under his stairs, and just rediscovered it while cleaning the space out.   He generously gave us a few bottles.  You could already tell without opening the bottle that the wine had deepened in color.  The cork broke coming out of the bottle, but it didn’t disintegrate, so that was a good sign.  I strained the wine as I poured…for cork and sediment.  The bottle had been standing upright for a good amount of time.  The liquid is amber or caramel.  It has a rich nose, a little bit oxidized.  Tasting it, I find nuttiness and caramel and vanilla.  Hardly any fruit left.  Very strong, almost brandy or cognac like.  Has a very nice mouthfeel, but it is too rich to drink…