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Wine From Under The Sea

You’ve probably heard stories about shipwrecks discovered where bottles of wine were found.  Some of the wines uncovered have been 100 years old or more.  There’s been interest in what these wines taste like and how well they did – or didn’t age – in their watery cellars.  That’s the inspiration behind Mira Winery’s “aquaoir,” a clever play on the word terroir, which means how a wine expresses the soil and climate it grows in, among other things. “Our inspiration was to try something different, so we did an experiment,” says Mira Winery President Jim “Bear” Dyke.  He’s hosting night six of a seven city tour, dubbed the “Are You Dirty or Wet Tour” (they gave out concert t-shirts), a blind tasting of the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, one land aged the traditional way, in a dry cellar, and one ocean aged at the bottom of the sea.  To their knowledge,…