Artisan Fragrance Salon

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New Indie Scents Shine At Artisan Fragrance Salon

He’s the perfect Olfactory Ambassador.  Meet Mario Tomas and you’ll quickly learn he loves martinis.  “Jerry my partner and I are known for our martini glass collection and our martinis,” says the budding perfumer during his debut at the Artisan Fragrance Salon. This is the third year of the Salon in San Francisco, put on by TasteTV, the same people who bring you the International Chocolate Salon, held at the same time.  Many of the perfumers were inspired to create wickedly delicious chocolate inspired scents. Olfactory Ambassador Passionate, with an infectious smile and charming manner, Mario’s new perfume line, Olfactory Ambassador, was an immediate hit with judges and fragrance lovers alike.  I was one of the judges and I loved his packaging — using mini martini shakers painted black as snifters for each of his three aromas.  “Ever since a kid I’ve always loved fragrances,” he says.  I love Mario’s…

A Fragrant Affair: The First Artisan Fragrance Salon

I am a wine lover, unabashedly passionate about wine.  That I’m also a perfumer lover should come as no surprise, because I find them so similar in the way that perfumes have a top, middle and base note, and how wine has a bouquet, mid palate and finish, with both perfume and wine changing in similar ways over time.

So I was excited to learn that on July 8, 2012 a scentsational event will be taking place in San Francisco.  The first annual Artisan Fragrance Salon celebrates independent perfume brands from across the country and Canada.

“The growth of the artisan chocolate market has really taken off in the last few years,” says A.K. Crump.  He’s been producing events across the country called Chocolate Salons since 2007.   “I think that we are poised to start seeing a similar growth in artisan fragrances.”