3 Steves Winery

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Livermore Stories: 3 Steves Winery

This is another installment of a series called “Livermore Stories,” which takes a look at the most exciting wineries in this wine growing region located east of San Francisco.  More than 50 wineries now call Livermore Valley home.  The wines have never been better, and the wineries have great stories to tell. The tag line says it all.  “3 friends striving to make the perfect wine.”  Arriving at the 3 Steves Winery in Livermore Valley, and this is what you’ll hear.  “Hi, I’m Steve.”  “Hello, I’m Steve.”  “I’m Steve too.”  No kidding, these three guys are all named Steve. Steve Burman, Steve Melander and Steve Ziganti Their business card gives you a clue.  Steve Burman is “vertically challenged.”  Steve Melander “really does exist.”  And Steve Ziganti is “gray beard.”  If you sense the Steves don’t take themselves too seriously, you’re right.  But they make seriously good wine. They are an…