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Wellness in Wine Country

The biggest trend in wine country these days isn’t the latest technology advances in winemaking or the up and coming varietals you’ve never heard of like Ribolla Gialla and Fruliano.  In a word it’s wellness.  When it comes to balancing mind, body and spirit, look to Napa Valley wineries, vineyards, hotels and beyond for an array of innovative ways to detox.  Of course a little retox with a glass of wine afterwards is always allowed. Adjust Your Frequency Upon arrival in Napa Valley, you’ll want to make your first stop The Spa at Napa River Inn.  Step into this jewel box of a spa retreat and you’ll feel like you’re worlds away.  Hard to believe this little stand alone building was at one time the local Napa police station.  Owner Jeanette O’Gallagher has created a calm oasis within. Recover from the stress in your life with the Adjust Your Frequency…

Wine For Your Skin: 29 By Lydia Mondavi

Say the Mondavi name and one word pops into your head – wine.  Another word should come to mind too – grape seeds.  That’s right, those beneficial, high in anti-oxidant little seeds, which add tannin and flavor to red wine, are about to go big time.  Lydia Mondavi isn’t a winemaker, she’s a skincare and cosmetics expert.  She’s bringing all the goodness of the grape seeds from Napa Valley to your skin on a Target shelf near you. This month 29 by Lydia Mondavi rolls out nationwide at Target, part of the retailer’s new luxury beauty beauty department.  “They called me out of the blue,” Lydia says, explaining how the collab between her established skincare and makeup line 29 Cosmetics and Target came about.  Her brand was selling well at Cos Bar in Aspen, Co., and the Cos Bar owner, who has partnered with Target on other projects recommended 29 Cosmetics.…